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Madness. Chaos. Parties.

This New Years, my roommates and I decided to host a party. It was our first party since graduating college and moving to Chicago together. Friends came in—from Houston, New York, Detroit—and on the day of the party, I couldn’t stop thinking about Clarissa Dalloway getting ready for her own party. I hadn’t seen most of the people coming since graduation, and much like Virginia Woolf’s eponymous character in Mrs. Dalloway, I became overwhelmed with both nostalgia and uncertainty, revisiting and reconstructing my memories of the various people re-entering my life. Woolf uses such specific emotions and situations to uncover more universal feelings. After all, on paper, I have very little in common with Clarissa Dalloway. And yet, I couldn’t get her out of my mind as I bought cheap champagne she would never stoop to buy herself. Read More