book shelves

Worst Bookshelves Reviewed

There are a lot of terrible bookshelves out there, sitting quietly in Brooklyn apartments, doing unspeakable things to the books they are supposed to house and protect. Here are some of the offenders.Read More

an introvert and an extorvert plan their wedding

An Introvert & An Extrovert Plan their Wedding

Guy: I think we should have it be a play
Harriet: What do you mean?
Guy: I think we should have a wedding that is also a play.
Harriet: Why?
Guy: It would make it so much better! I can cast some of the kids I teach at the college.
Harriet: I thought we were going to keep it medium sized. You me, the priest, a witness and the cat.
Guy: I can’t cast a cat, Harriet. Can you take this wedding play seriously for a second?Read More


How to Pretend to Read in Public to Get Dates

Step 1

See this instagram account.

Step 2

Buy a book that matches your eyes.

Step 3

Cut a phone shaped hole in the book. Put in phone. (Hardcover books are preferable.)

Step 4

Go to coffee shop. Sit against a wall facing outward, ideally shadowed. It will make you seem mysterious and like you don’t have a phone in your book. Place DSLR camera you don’t use on the table next to blank moleskin notebook and art pens.Read More

rainbow bookshelf 2

Rainbow Bookshelf Troubleshooting

Where do you put earth tones?

haha, good fucking luck.

What about other neutrals like black and white?

I guess you could put them in the middle like some idiot who has clearly never seen a rainbow did in this picture.

Why the hell aren’t there any green books?

You might notice when you are putting together your personal rainbow library that all of the IKEA photos lied to you and your color proportions are off. Maybe you should give yourself a head start and buy more green books immediately before embarking on this ill-fated quest.Read More