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Uncovered Classics promotes female writers of the 20th Century.
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Questions We Ask Ourselves

Is the desire to do good just a complex form of egotism?

Oh god

How do you do a chignon?

It’s one of the Great Mysteries.

Why didn’t Jamal immediately get a paternity test?

I don’t know, that show doesn’t make sense a lot of the time.

Is time cyclical or linear?

Get out of my head

Is this a Feminist project?

Yes. The goal is to promote talented upcoming and established female illustrators and writers as well as the authors they’re discussing. We offer our audience exposure to all of these voices.

Is this a Feminist List?


But let’s talk a little more about that.

Though the list itself is a feminist initiative, and many of the female authors included on the list were feminists, not all of the works and authors included are. Ayn Rand was anti-feminist on principle, Anita Brookner’s Hotel du Lac is downright misogynist, and although the Balkan Trilogy by Olivia Manning is very well-written and Harriet Pringle is a strong female protagonist, Olivia Manning decried the feminist movement. Still, writers like Manning or Rand should not be forgotten.

Misogyny has permeated our culture since there was any culture to permeate, and if we strained all of history’s literature, male or female written, for misogyny or lack of support for the feminist movement, we would have very few books left. (The Modern Library might not have a list of Best Novels.) For the purpose of this blog, representing as many female views of the 20th century as possible through literature is a higher priority than annihilating those female authors whose views on this issue we don’t share.

In the end, we should always be careful readers regardless of what we’re reading. One of the most important tools a feminist can have is the ability to identify misogyny and neutralize it through criticism. You can hate and love the same book.

That said, if you’re a writer writing now, you probably shouldn’t write misogynist bullshit so a bunch of us have to hate parts of it.

Will you sometimes publish multiple reviews for the same book?

Potentially! No two people are going to have the same perspective about a book, and it’s important to discuss why. Again, we reserve the right to love and hate the same book for different reasons.

Can I Submit?

If you’d like to write a review or design a cover, send writing samples or an illustration portfolio to UncoveredClassics [@] gmail.com. Please don’t submit ready-made covers or reviews. There are limited spots and most of the books are already assigned.

We also consider humor submissions related to the books we review.

Can men participate?

Technically yes, but due to the above goals, male reviewers and illustrators will be few and far between.

Are contributors paid?

No. The project started with zero funding and maximum generosity from the writers and illustrators involved. Right now I am trying to make back the cost of building the site/fund future web costs via donations.