Rejected Book Titles: My Antonia

My Disguised Sexual Metaphors

My Lesbian Subtext

My Masterpiece That Critics Will Misread for Decades

A Book  Way Less About Prairies Than Any of Its Covers Will Have You Believe

Especially Compared to Other Books About Settlers and Farmers from This Era

I Don’t Even Think There’s A Drought

I Mean It’s Possible There Is, But If So Its Not a Major Plot Point

My Kind of Judgmental First Person Narrator

My Apparent Inability to Move on from a Childhood Crush

My Jim, Who is Probably a Stand-in for Me, Willa Cather

My Super Bigoted Hometown

Micro Aggressions on the Prairie

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Amy Collier once saw Fabio at an airport. Fabio is an Italian model who has appeared on many classic romance novels, such as Love Me with Fury, Lovestorm, and More Than a Feeling. He has been the spokesperson for The Geek Squad, OralB Sensitive Advantage Toothbrush, Nationwide Insurance, Versace, and the American Cancer Society. He is 6'3" barefoot; usually in cowboy boots. Follow Amy on Twitter.